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Waverly McNeil

Waverly epitomized kindness and joy. Throughout her all too short life she handled everything with grace. We miss her every moment of every day. She remains the light of our life.

More memories of Waverly McNeil

  1. I remember how much she loved being around other people, and how, even when she couldn’t speak, she lit up the room with those expressive eyes. I remember how my heart almost burst watching her play with my daughter and wishing there was more time for them to have many more play dates.

  2. I will always be sad that we didn’t have more time to get to know Waverly….but, I will never forget her giggle, her beautiful eyes, and her joy of life and those around her, her willingness to sit and hold the hand of a total stranger. She was a precious, beautiful girl…and I am so grateful that we had the chance to know her!

  3. Although I never met Waverly in person I always loved to follow her journey through photos and posts by her mom. My favorite memories include her striped pjs, her holding a stuffed animal, her travels near &a far and moments of kids surrounding her reading books.

    Her tight full grin on her face showed me that she had so much wisdom beyond what we can imagine. I must believe that Christ has a sacred duty and title for her in heaven. And one day that will be revealed.

  4. I am a teacher at Waverly’s school. We all love her so and miss her. I don’t have one specific memory, but instead I remember her overall grace and perseverance, the way she allowed us to love her, a quiet acceptance of challenge, and the most contagious laugh. She will forever shape the way I treat others. Waverly’s makes me a kinder teacher and friend.

  5. Oh how I miss you Wavey. You did light up the room! I remember you giggling so hard we had to hold you up when you came to visit. I remember sleeping with you and trying to keep you still until you finally fell asleep. I remember singing songs with you and praying for you as you kept looking me in the eye rather than falling asleep. I remember you ending up with my pillow. I remember holding you… I love and miss you Waverly.

  6. Waverly brought so much joy to Leilani. Leilani loved spending time with Waverly. I remember taking Leilani to school and if she would see your van she would run to hug Waverly and Oliver. She loved her hugs. We miss you Waverly..


  7. I’m a colleague of Waverly’s Dad and I’m sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting Waverly. I remember Matt talking about the family’s vacation to Hilton Head, SC and how much fun they had. From the photos and memories of those who knew her, and all who miss her, I believe that in everything that is beautiful, that’s where you will find Waverly.


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