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Walt Walvick

My beloved husband, Walt, was the most caring, thoughtful, and generous person I ever knew. He always respected everyone, including his waiters, taxi drivers, vendors in foreign markets, floor cleaners in his hospital room, and nurse aides for home care. He made everyone feel special, always showing genuine interest and caring enough to ask questions about them and their family. Walt was so intelligent and well-informed that he always knew relevant facts and stories to share about whatever country the person came from. One favorite Walt memory involved an Egyptian vendor with whom Walt was competently hard-bargaining for some galabeyas (traditional native cotton garments). Finally, the vendor proudly offered 300 Egyptian pounds, then equivalent to less than $20, to which Walt responded: “OK, sir, then here, I’ll give you 400!” Always Mr. Generous. He brought a smile and personal pride to everyone.

Walt pampered and spoiled all of his family members, and he treated the staff of the software company that he created and ran as if they were family members also, but he especially adored his golden retrievers. I miss my devoted husband and best friend every moment of every day, and I am continually grateful for the love and joy we shared during our almost 40 years together.

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  1. When I met Walt for the first time, he was dating Kathie and soon to become her husband. She and I had already enjoyed our bridge partnership for several years prior to that meeting. However, he was a major force both in sustaining that partnership and helping to further it. Through his warm nature as a host, wicked sense of humor as a competitor, and generous spirit as a coach – we found ourselves together as couples in their home – practicing our “system”. Of course, there was always ample time for just visiting, lots of eating, and recording the events in films. In one of these I used the term “Bad Girls of McLean” while being filmed. I think that name stuck and from that day forward it was the name he gave me.

    From my observation, he was a true gentleman, a loving son to his parents, a devoted husband to Kathie, a caring brother, a supportive resource to all his relatives, and always kind to those with whom he came in contact. His life ended far too soon as we can never replicate such a treasure.

  2. Claire has so eloquently described Walt’s essence—-a truly wonderful friend. I played bridge as Walt’s partner in only two or three tournaments. In 1986 we had the good fortune to capture the Swiss Plate at the World Championships in Miami (a two-day consolation event at the end of what was then called the “Olympiad”). He played excellently and led us to the only “World victory” I’ll ever hope to achieve.

    Thanks Walt. I miss you.

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