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Stephen Dinion

In loving memory of my youngest son Stephen, who left us suddenly at the age of 47 from non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Steve was a percussionist and principal timpanist with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, as well as a teacher of percussion at the University of Hawaii and Niu Valley Middle School, and privately. All this while maintaining active involvement in issues involving social justice in the Honolulu community and the preservation of symphonic music in Hawaii. “A gentle soul gone too soon”.

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  1. One time, when I was only 7 or 8, not long after I had just gotten into the GT program at my elementary school, Uncle Steve was walking with me to my piano lesson from grandmas house.

    I’m not quite sure why or how, but we got on the topic of “careers.” Maybe he asked me if I wanted to play the piano when I grew up. Anyway, I do remember I said, “well, I’m going to make tons of money.. because I’m in GT”

    He laughed and said, “I was in GT too”

    So I said, “well you make tons of money, right?”

    I think it was in the ensuing explanation I learned that “value” can be described in many ways, money being only one. Today, I work with technology and I think about how much automation we can do with smart machines. I hope one day, machines enable it so that the best paying jobs will be artists, musicians, mountaineers – people who create and inspire others – just like Uncle Steve.

  2. My memories of Stephen that he was one of the most beautiful and sweetest child I had ever seen. I will always remember how eloquently he spoke of his Dad’s unconditional love at his funeral. There was a sweet, kindness and gentle nature to his soul. What a delightful man.

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