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Robert Teague

Robert “Bob” Teague was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme in April 1999; he died June 13, 2000. He is still missed for his kindness, his compassion, and the good brother that he was.

“First of all, I think Bob would like to be remembered first and foremost as being a good person, but I know that he also took pride in being somewhat of a nonconformist.
He was generous and would go out of his way to help people, even total strangers.”
Bob’s friend, Jill

“As you know Robert was like a brother to me..l used to call him Brother Plus. He provided me with sound guidance and support at key times in my life..he had a strong general knowledge, which he shared and made me look at the world in a broader way.”
Bob’s friend, Kathy

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