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Martha Dumas

Martha was a doer. She was always doing something active. She would wash windows, floors, bathrooms, and anything that did not move. She was not lazy and did not understand lazy people. She was go-go-go. She was a strong and beautiful lady. She loved hard candy, Bingo, and seeing the United States. She was always up for an adventure. She was a great mom. She would stand by window and let us know when the bus was coming so we would not have to stand in cold, she would make sure we had a hot breakfast, a family dinner, and pressed clothes to go school. She was always there. Maybe that is why it was always home for everyone. All of her kids came by, no invitation necessary, if it was dinner time, then the family just pulled up a chair and ate. Really, it was pretty special. Her memory remains in our hearts and she is missed every day.

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