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H. Jack Reckitt

A very kind and courageous man who served his country proudly with a career in the US Coast Guard. He retired with the rank of Captain. He was exceptionally smart and well read. Our conversations during dinner were always informative and something I looked forward to each time.

When I moved to the DC area in the early ’80s, I had no family locally. I met Captain Reckitt’s wife, Dellie, long before I met Jack as we worked together. I remember him as always being so thoughtful as he sent flowers or special gifts on their anniversary or Valentine’s Day to the office.

After quite a few visits and meals, they “adopted me” as their 4th child. I was invited to the large Christmas gatherings, Mother’s Day, New Years Day, birthdays and all of the family celebrations. Lots of wonderful celebrations, family events and delicious meals.

Fast forward 25 years….its been more than 12 years since Jack lost his battle with cancer. I still miss him dearly and he will be forever in my heart. I still partake in family gatherings and there are traditions that we continue to remind us of Jack.

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