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Gwen West

Ben was such a beloved member of our family. He was married to our sister, Jane(Dougherty), for 56 1/2 years and was loved by all of us Doughertys. He brought such a richness to our lives from his Persian heritage and expanded our horizons in so many ways, from foods to Persian customs and music and traditions. But most of all, he was the perfect example of generous love, to us and to everyone. His generosity was extended to all he met. He was so kind and loving to our parents and they loved him. His Church family loved him as we did. We Doughertys are not very good at directions, and Ben was great at them and could draw maps from memory to direct us. We always felt loved by Ben and I hope he felt the same from us. He loved music, many different kinds, and it brought him a lot of joy and comfort in his life. He always made us feel welcome and loved when we visited. He was a welcoming host to all who visited.

The care he received from Capital Caring was extraordinary. The team serving the Alexandria, VA area were always there for Ben and Janie and always available, compassionate, and skilled in their care. Janie would call them for help and they always came. They called to check on Ben after their visits.

How we miss Ben and always will love and miss him.

Gwen, Lynn, and Jay Dougherty

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