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Dick Collins

Charles Richard (Dick) Collins lived to age 96 and maintained his sweet personality and wit until the very end. He and Clara (Vicki) were married for 74 years. He was very much a man of his generation, serving as an Army officer in WWII and in the Army Reserves for many years after the war. He worked for the same company for his entire career and enjoyed providing a nice home and good education for his two children. He mowed his own lawn, did exterior and interior painting and many other home-related projects because he didn’t believe in hiring people to do things that he was capable of doing himself. He was frugal in general but generous in many specific circumstances. He was a very engaged grandfather, helping with math homework and attending school concerts and sports games. He was a simple man who was happy with simple things. He suffered a lot during his last several years but rarely complained. Being immobile was difficult for a strong man who had always been active and doing things for others. He was deeply appreciative of the care he received from the Grand Oaks staff and the Capital Caring hospice team. When he died, he was ready to go. It was a “good death.”

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