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Charles Martin

Mr. Charles Martin was a U.S. Army drill sergeant. He served in Vietnam. He was a natural leader. He always had someone under his wing; he was invested in the growth of people. Whether this was the Eagle Scouts or his soldiers and sons, he was invested in the care of people. He cared for veterans and guided them through recovery and disability after he got out of the service. He cared for friends and neighbors, but most importantly he cared for his family. He accepted my son and I with open arms. He did this while hiding his illness. He did this so he could continue the celebrations of his son’s engagement, his son’s first success in home ownership, his son’s marriage, the birth of his first grandson, and the birth of his first granddaughter. He was long distance from his son and daughter in law and eventually told us a little too late that he had a terminal prognosis. It was the community of Capital Caring that supported my husband and I during our time of loss and continued grief. Malene Davis CEO and President of Capital Caring, Thank you for easing that burden. The Martin Family

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