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Brunhilde Jones

Bruny’s family moved to Berlin, Germany when she was 5 and she remained there until immigrating to the US as a war bride. (She famously threw a pair of shoes overboard as she crossed the Atlantic saying “I will buy new shoes in America!) She survived the bombing of Berlin and met a handsome American soldier – Munro Jones. He was so nervous while proposing to her that instead of saying “Bruny, will you marry me?” he said “Bruny, you WILL marry me!” and stomped his foot in frustration. Sadly, this was the last time he would tell her do anything. After that SHE told HIM what to do. They married at his mother’s home in NC. They spent the next 30 years moving for Munro’s diplomatic assignments from the State Department. They enjoyed Pakistan, Nicaragua, Washington D.C., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel. Along the way they had three fabulous and brilliant children: Margot, Liz, and Fred. After Munro’s retirement, Bruny retired from housewifery and read the paper while he vacuumed and did the laundry. They spent many happy years in retirement. After Munro’s passing Bruny moved to live with her favorite daughter and her family and spent her weekends at her other favorite daughter’s home. From time to time she would vacation in the country with her favorite son’s family. She went to Disney World with the entire clan, grandchildren included in 2011 which was the highlight of her life. (Well, after the husband and kids and grandkids and such….) She had the pleasure of being cared for by Monique during the last 6 months of her life and told Margot numerous times that Monique was so nice she would move in with her.
Her passing came too soon for her family but she had been preparing for it for some time. She outlasted everyone in her family and she would tell you she was surprised that she was the oldest and she was still alive. “I never imagined I would be here so long!”
In honor of her memory the family asks that you live your best life as long as you can and most importantly “Eat more ice cream! (preferably the green one with chocolate chips)”.

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